MALVERN, UK - Malvern Instruments is offering a webinar that focuses on the unique technology of the m-VROCi, Viscometer/Rheometer On a Chip and the benefits it delivers. The webinar will take place April 16, 2014.

The m-VROCi provides safe, accurate viscosity measurement for low-viscosity industrial fluids under conditions that reflect those that occur during end-product use.

Webinar presenters will explore how the m-VROCi, viscometer/rheometer On a Chip meets an established need within industry for accurate and robust measurement of low-viscosity formulations, most especially at ultra-high shear rates. Other benefits of the m-VROCi system include completely enclosed measurement for safe and reliable analysis of highly volatile or environmentally-sensitive samples, and the generation of accurate viscosity data using sample volumes as low as 50 µL, essential for scarce or high-value materials.

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