Be sure to visit Reichhold at Booth 1305, where technical experts are giving daily product presentations from their interactive tabletop display. On display are the company’s next generation of performance resins.

BECKOSOL AQ® 510 is an acrylic-modified alkyd latex used for multipurpose applications including architectural primers and enamels, as well as blacktop sealers. When formulated into blacktop sealers, BECKOSOL AQ 510 develops and maintains a rich black color and has much better durability and chemical resistance than traditional coal/tar or asphalt emulsion systems.

EPOTUF® 38-698 is an acrylic-modified 1K waterborne epoxy ester designed for use as a concrete bonding primer to increase adhesion between the concrete and topcoat.

BECKOSOL AQ 400 is a short-oil alkyd latex used for non-highway pavement markings that exhibits superior durability over asphalt and concrete surfaces.

UROTUF® F600-W-40 is a self-crosslinking waterborne uralkyd designed for garage floor coatings. Performance of these 100 g/L VOC coatings rivals 250 g/L systems in terms of dry time, hardness, chemical resistance and adhesion.

BECKOSOL AQ 522 is a premium modified alkyd latex for wet-look sealers with very low VOC and an unprecedented appearance over porous stone like slate and flagstone. This is a second-generation product to BECKOSOL AQ 521, which is recommended for use over concrete pavers.

UROTUF E300-W-40 is a UV-curable waterborne urethane for wood and plastic applications.