Orion Engineered Carbons exhibits specialty carbon black pigments with a broad range of properties for waterborne and solventborne industrial and conductive applications at Booth 1926. Orion started up a new production line for specialty carbon blacks at its Kalscheuren, Germany plant in January, resulting in increased capacity across its product line.

“We invested several million euros and ramped up production capacity to serve the growing U.S. and global market for specialty carbon black pigments,” said Thomas Papasso, Marketing Manager, Coatings, Orion Engineered Carbons.

Orion is presenting COLOUR BLACK FW 255 carbon black pigment, the first launch of its new generation of specialty carbon blacks. Setting new benchmarks for high jetness, coloristic performance and compatibility with both waterborne and solventborne systems, COLOUR BLACK FW 255 enables formulators to maintain performance and coloristic properties while migrating to waterborne formulations. It is especially suited for automotive OEM and refinish systems.

Orion is exhibiting Carbon Black XPB 545 for conductive and anti-static coatings. Introduced in 2013, XPB 545 meets or exceeds performance requirements for conductivity, dispersibility and cleanliness at lower concentrations than conventional conductive carbon blacks. It creates a coating film with deep jetness and high gloss.

Orion has also launched Experimental Black XPB 412, a specialty carbon black for medium- to high-jet coatings. Designed to provide formulators with more flexibility, XPB 412 can be used universally in both water- and solventborne formulations. It displays excellent dispersion behavior and stability.

The company is also showcasing a full line of carbon black pigments for coatings. These include:

COLOUR BLACK FW 171 for waterborne OEM automotive formulations, refinish and high-performance industrial coating systems. A fine-particle-size, high-color furnace black, COLOUR BLACK FW 171 offers superior jetness, a distinct bluish undertone and excellent stability in both waterborne and powder coatings.

COLOUR BLACK FW 182 for high-jet solventborne coatings. COLOUR BLACK FW 182 is a gas-black with a small primary particle size, high structure and narrow particle size distribution. An after-treated carbon black pigment, it offers a functional surface with oxygen-containing groups. When incorporated in a coating system, these groups induce better wetting and dispersion properties. Recommended for industrial and automotive solventborne coatings, COLOUR BLACK FW 182 displays high jetness and strong bluish undertone. It rounds out the Orion portfolio, with performance between SPECIAL BLACK 6 and COLOUR BLACKS FW 200 and FW 255.