Orion Engineered Carbons is showcasing its flagship carbon black pigments for coatings applications at Booth 1561. Products include COLOUR BLACK FW 255 powder for automotive OEM and refinish systems; SPECIAL BLACK 40 powder for industrial applications; XPB 552 beads and powder for conductive coatings; and PRINTEX® and NIPex® grades for printing inks.

COLOUR BLACK FW 255 carbon black pigment, the first of Orion’s new generation of after-treated grades, sets new benchmarks for high jetness, coloristic performance and compatibility with both waterborne and solventborne systems. Dual compatibility enables formulators to maintain performance and coloristic properties while migrating to waterborne formulations.

The second grade enhanced by Orion’s new aftertreatment processes is SPECIAL BLACK 40 powder. A specialty carbon black for medium- to high-jet coatings, it provides exceptional dispersibility and stability in industrial applications. It works in all coating formulations -solvent-based, water-based, high solids and powder coatings -providing formulators with enormous flexibility.

XPB 552 beads and powder conductive specialty carbon blacks have medium specific surface areas, which give coatings conductivity and antistatic properties. These workhorse grades are ideally suited for conductive primers.

PRINTEX® 35 beads and powder impart excellent flow properties, high jetness and bluish undertone to solvent-based, heat-set and sheetfed inks. They are compatible with polyurethane resin (PU), polyvinyl butyral(PVB) and nitrocellulose (NC) binders in packaging inks. Orion also supplies NIPex® IQ grades for good wettability and dispersibility in aqueous inkjet inks, additional NIPex grades for non-aqueous inkjet inks, and select carbon black pigments that meet the regulatory demands of food packaging.

For more information, visit www.orioncarbons.com.