Elementis is introducing over 10 new products at Booth 1915, including a new line of high-efficiency thickeners, a next-generation color viscosity stabilizer, a new organic thixotrope for high-solids systems and a new series of dispersants for no-VOC colorants.

The new RHEOLATE® HX rheology modifiers provide great sag resistance combined with excellent flow properties. The products are designed to deliver exceptional application properties.

The DAPRO® defoamer line has been expanded to over 100 commercial defoamers from mineral oil to silicone-based to VOC-free defoamers, and now includes the fully integrated Hi-Mar® line of defoamers. Elementis has over 40 years of defoamer expertise helping customers solve their foam challenges. A new Dapro® defoamer brochure has been launched at the show.