Dow Coating Materials’ principal research scientist, Zhenwen Fu, has received first place in the prestigious Roon Awards competition, part of the 2014 American Coatings Conference.

The Roon Awards are considered one of the coatings industry’s highest technical achievements, and are designed to recognize the best technical papers representing original scientific and innovative research directly related to the protective coatings industry.

“Dow scientists and technologists are bridging the gap between chemistry and coating performance to develop solutions to some of the industry’s greatest challenges,” said Bob Mussell, Research and Development Director for Industrial and Functional Coatings, Dow Coating Materials. “We are very excited that one of our own scientists who is working every day to bridge this gap, has been acknowledged with this prestigious recognition.”

Originally presented to a panel of judges, Zhenwen’s technical paper, “Designed Hybridization: A Paradigm Shift in New Latex Polymer Coatings,” focuses on recent research findings on how the DESIGNED HYBRIDIZATION™ Technology creates new hybrid latex polymers for coatings.