Elcometer has launched the next-generation Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge and Elcometer 224 surface profile gauge with Bluetooth connectivity, made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. When used in conjunction with any iOS device running ElcoMaster™ mobile apps, data from the Elcometer 456 and Elcometer 224 can now be easily and seamlessly transferred to an iOS device.

ElcoMaster Mobile is the free, easy-to-use, data management app from Elcometer that allows users to transfer inspection data from their Elcometer gauges to their iOS device. ElcoMaster can then produce professional inspection reports instantly – without having to switch to a computer. Elcometer’s new range of Made for iPhone inspection gauges can be easily integrated into customer’s own paperless inspection applications. Unlike WiFi, Elcometer’s use of Bluetooth allows multiple gauges to be connected at the same time, without the need to disconnect other devices.

Features within the ElcoMaster Mobile App allow users to: transfer inspection batches from their gauge to their mobile device to generate PDF reports instantly; store live readings directly on to their mobile devices, together with the measurement’s GPS coordinates, and instantly plot them on a map; add reading limits, photographs, general notes and comments to inspection data; and e-mail a PDF report anywhere in the world

 “Having the ability to seamlessly generate professional inspection reports from the inspection site in an instant not only provides a competitive advantage to our customers, but also increases productivity as they no longer have to go back to the office to write a report – ElcoMaster does it for them,” noted Elcometer Managing Director, Michael Sellars.

The ElcoMaster app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or at www.AppStore.com/ElcoMaster.

E-mail sales@elcometer.com