A breakthrough in coatings for corrosion under insulation (CUI) in the petrochemical market has been unveiled for Europe, Middle East and Africa by Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings.

With high heat resistance up to 650 ºC, the Heat-flex High-Temp 1200 is already being successfully implemented in America because of its effective applications to carbon steel or stainless steel - either insulated or uninsulated - in a variety of uses.

Now, the next-generation product for the petrochemical market is available in Europe, Middle East and African markets manufactured from the Sherwin-Williams plant at Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The project applications include pipes, tanks, vessels and stacks in offshore and marine installations, power plants, refineries and major chemical industry facilities.

The tangible benefits emerging from tests and initial projects include no adhesion loss, no blistering with faster drying and re-coating, and savings in time throughout without compromise to quality and durability.

Lee Spoor, Oil and Gas Coatings Project Development Manager for Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said, “We’ve had a very positive response from the market in America, and we can now make it available across EMEA markets with the same benefits.

“This is relevant to many of the sectors using carbon steel or stainless steel with insulation where condensation can creep in and create corrosion issues.

“Heat-flex High-Temp 1200 raises the bar in its field, with higher temperature applications, extending service life, and offering improved environmental benefits with fewer volatile organic compounds emitted and long-term durability.”

The inert multipolymeric matrix coating outperforms alternatives in combating CUI and in high heat applications and can be applied in situ or by transporting for application, offering a hard initial film and less vulnerability to damage during the process.

Heat-flex High-Temp 1200 has been tested under the boiling water test, with no adhesion loss, no blistering and increased flexibility, and the CUI Test, during which it had no adhesion loss after 80 cycles, an excellent rating for rust and excellent rating for blistering.

The track record of Heat-flex High-Temp 1200 in America already includes proven applications in diverse uses for BP, Dow Chemicals, Dupont, Honeywell and General Motors.