CLEVELAND – DVUV has unveiled a new and updated logo for its UV-cured powder coating for wood business. The new logo reinforces DVUV’s identify and strengthens its brand strategy in the wood powder coating market.

The new logo has a more modern and sleek design and incorporates the company’s signature “PEEP” sample shape in the logo with new colors and the tag line “Wood Powder Coating.”

“We really wanted to include the shape of our samples in the new logo since we have found many people recognize and remember DVUV by our signature ‘PEEP’ shaped sample,” states Rebecca Rutherford, Marketing Manager at DVUV. “It was also important for us to include the words 'Wood Powder Coating' so there is no question about the what we do, finish MDF wood with UV-cured powder coatings.”

The new logo colors, blue and purple, symbolize the UV curing used in DVUV’s wood powder coating process. Rutherford noted, “If you ever visit our plant the purple and blue glow from the UV light is something you certainly cannot miss and is a characteristic that makes our curing process unique.”