TIPTON, IN – Electrocoat provider DC Coaters Inc. has completed all the steps necessary to get a second line up and running at its Tipton, IN, facility.

The company’s facility has long been a hub for metal stamping companies looking for a partner in the protective coatings industry. “With automotive companies favoring black electrocoat as the environmentally friendly coating of choice, it just made sense to gear up for greater demand from our valued customers,” said Dennis Cook, Founder and President of the company.

“Recently, we looked at our customer base and discovered that five of our top-12 customers are from out of state,” said CEO Stephen C. Gill. “This works for them because they make parts that are coming this way. Our marketing team is branching out to other states and finding metal stampers in the East who are sending parts to Chicago and St Louis. Again, we are on the way to their customers. We’re pleased to have even greater capacity to meet our customers’ needs.”