CINCINNATI - Pilot Chemical Co. has launched its new website, The website serves as the primary hub for information about Pilot Chemical products and proprietary technologies, as well as a resource for industry insights and chemical formularies.

"The continued expansion of Pilot Chemical's operations and the growth of our partners demanded a more versatile content platform that could keep pace with the speed of our operations," said Pam Butcher, President and Chief Operating Officer of Pilot Chemical Co. "We want to make it easy for businesses to find the right chemical solutions for their product requirements. The result is an online resource that is faster, easier to use and provides more complete information needed to make smart decisions quickly."

The new website includes a complete database of Pilot Chemical's solutions, as well as a searchable index of product applications and formularies. Products from the recently acquired Mason Chemical Co. are also integrated in the index, adding registered and non-registered biocidal quats and tertiary amine derivatives to the Pilot Chemical portfolio of sulfates, sulfonates, amines and alkylides.

A mobile-friendly resource, the website features a responsive experience in the field on phones and tablets, or in the office on a desktop computer.