Two additional fluid nozzles are being offered in five new promotional packages of Binks Trophy manual spray guns. The additional nozzles offer added flexibility in spray finishing applications.

The Trophy spray gun promotional packages are available only through authorized Binks distributors for a limited time.

The Binks Trophy series brings a unique combination of a lightweight, ergonomic design with robust engineering for use with a wide variety of coatings in diverse applications.

Features include full and touch-up sizes; HVLP, LVMP (compliant), and conventional spray technologies; hardened stainless steel nozzles; tungsten carbide, plastic tip needles and featuring needles; and press feed, gravity feed and siphon feed.

The guns feature lightweight and curved handles, oversized knobs and air cap ring for easy adjustments and maintenance, soft trigger pull for reduced stress and fatigue, and smooth trigger pull for providing no-kickback during spraying.