WASHINGTON, DC - Bernard Roche, President & CEO of Arkema Inc., the U.S. unit of the Arkema Group, issued the following statement after a White House meeting on September 16 at which Arkema highlighted its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming.

“Arkema appreciates the opportunity to join other multinational companies at the White House today to talk about how industry is leading efforts to reduce global carbon emissions.

“Arkema has made reducing its environmental footprint one of its key corporate social responsibility goals. In its own operations around the world, Arkema is working to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while optimizing and reducing the consumption of energy, water and non-renewable raw materials. As a result, between 2006 and 2012, Arkema achieved a 62% reduction in GHG emissions.

“Arkema commits to reduce GHG emissions from its operations by an additional 30% by 2020, as well as its net energy purchases by 1.5% on average each year through 2020, which represent an estimated energy savings of the equivalent of about 2.7 million barrels of oil.

“As one of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers, Arkema is also committed to promoting a responsible and orderly transition to chemicals with lower global warming potential.  Vital to this commitment is our support for the development and timely supply of climate-friendly materials on a global basis.

“Arkema is proud to be investing in the development of climate-friendly refrigerants and foam blowing agents through our Forane® business unit.  These developments are designed for multiple applications including air conditioning, refrigeration and insulation foams. Arkema’s investments reflect our continuing and long-term strategy to be a leading company in the markets served by the Forane business unit.

“Arkema supports an amendment to the Montreal Protocol that calls for a market-based phasedown of materials that contribute to global warming and creates opportunities for environmentally friendly next-generation products. A global approach is needed to manage the phasedown of these materials, to maintain a level playing field with respect to phasedown timelines and products, and to provide certainty and consistency across markets and uses.

“This is especially important when it comes to the auto sector, where the next-generation refrigerant for automobile air conditioners is a chemical called 1234yf. Annual new car sales globally are projected to exceed 100 million units in 2018.  Most of those vehicles will be equipped with air conditioning. Experts are rightly concerned about the need to assure adequate supplies of 1234yf for these millions of new cars.

“Today’s White House meeting makes clear just how effective industry and government can and will be when they work together to achieve a common goal.  Arkema is pleased to be a part of such an approach.”