OTTAWA, Ontario - The Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA) announced that Eric Bockus is the latest recipient of the Diploma in Coatings Technology.

Bockus, who currently works in the radiation coatings sector, has successfully completed all three semesters of the courses required for the Diploma in Coatings Technology. In recent years, more than 800 graduates have earned the diploma, which focuses on theoretical concepts, industrial paint applications and sales and marketing.

The Diploma in Coatings Technology is designed for employees of paint manufacturers in product development, sales and marketing. It also helps those engaged in raw materials distribution in the coatings industry to train new employees, as well as paint contractors who need to understand the performance qualities of the products they use. It is beneficial to those who wish to find a career in the paint and coatings industry as well, including retail sales staff seeking greater product knowledge. CPCA’s online training products are an important part of the association’s offerings for industry, providing learning opportunities for members and non-members. Along with the Diploma in Coatings Technology, CPCA also offers online training for Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and WHMIS.

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