PERRYSBURG, OH – TA Industrial Solutions has decided to bring its first time yield (FTY) process consulting services to the forefront of the company’s offerings.

Besides being a distributor for production finishers and metal fabricators, TA Industrial Solutions also provides clients with supply and inventory management, process improvement, and training services. 

“We recognize that in order for our clients to remain competitive and continue to be market leaders, it is critical for them to streamline processes, improve first time yield and lower costs.  We are making a strategic decision to bring our FTY services to the forefront of our business model to ensure that our clients have access to not only top-quality tools, but also expert assessment, training and planning for internal processes,” said TA President, Peter Koury.

TA Industrial Solutions has launched a new website outlining advanced methodologies to maximize first-time yield and production efficiency.  The website has been designed with intuitive navigation that allows customers to access detailed service information and training videos. It highlights TA Industrial Solutions’ FTY optimization process as the primary focus.