So you’ve made the decision to make the move from standard drums to stainless steel IBCs. But what is the next step in the process? What questions should you ask a potential stainless steel IBC supplier? Metano IBC Services, Inc. offers some important things to consider for proper tote due diligence. 

1) Do you offer an IBC rental program?
For many companies, renting totes is much more cost effective than owning a large fleet of containers. A flexible rental program can help you to conserve capital while preserving your credit line.

2) Can you tell me if my product is compatible with stainless steel?
Actually this question has two parts to consider; compatibility with the container and compatibility with the gasket material. In some instances, materials can degrade over time, so it is best to check with your chemical supplier for guidelines. 

3) How often are your containers tested?
Federal regulations mandate that all totes be checked at least once every 30 months and undergo a thickness test every 60 months. The date of the most recent test must also be marked near the manufacturer’s plate.

4) Are you able to accommodate a sudden need for additional IBC inventory?
Look for a flexible partner who can help you to scale your inventory as your needs dictate. Some suppliers offer a full inventory of containers available to help you meet changing needs.

5) Will the containers stack with other stainless steel totes?
The most common base dimension is 42" x 48". As long as your containers have the same base dimension of 42" x 48" they will stack with other containers in your facility. 

6)Can stainless steel IBCs be pressurized?

Stainless steel IBCs are atmospheric tanks. They are not designed to be pressurized.

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