HAMBURG, Germany - Application laboratory Nordmann, Rassmann has expanded the pigment portfolio of its coatings division to include the color black. The company is currently distributing SHANXI HUACHANG CHEMICAL CO. Ltd.'s HCCH carbon black in both powder and granulated form within Germany.

The application possibilities for SHANXI's products can be found throughout the paint and coatings industry as a whole, including the automotive, industrial, metallic and powder coatings sectors, as well as those for exterior paints and color pastes. SHANXI's products can also be used in printing inks and coatings for imitation leather. SHANXI's portfolio covers premium-grade HCG (gas-processed carbon black with a smaller particle size and high color intensity) to LCG (furnace-processed carbon black with a larger particle size and low color intensity). Reliable inspections of the carbon black pigments always ensure consistent quality.