The SG-200 Super-Flow spray gun system from Dymax Corp. is designed for masking and coating applications where significantly higher flow rates are required.  With achievable flow rates of 2.5–20 oz. per minute, the system helps operators maximize productivity in high-volume and large-part masking and coating applications.  It is ideal for dispensing fluids with viscosities between 5,000 cP and 80,000 cP and provides a flow rate that is 5-10 times higher than other spray guns on the market.

The SG-200 utilizes a normally closed, stainless steel needle valve to control fluid flow and a dual-acting air cylinder to provide immediate start/stop functionality. The system’s dual-port atomizing nozzle design ensures symmetrical delivery of materials across a wide range of viscosities. Typical spray applications include masking turbines, metal substrates, and medical implants prior to surface treatment, coating large parts with grease or other lubrication before assembly, and spraying solvents for cleaning part surfaces.