The industrial coatings market continues to grow according to IRL (a global industry consulting company specializing in the coatings market), with the entire 2015 global market for industrial coatings pegged at 7.6 million metric tons. Grand View Research estimates the 2015 global market size for powder coatings to be $8.66 billion. Depending on who you ask, the global powder market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% to 7.2% over the next five to six years. As one might guess, the most aggressive growth is predicted for the Asia-Pacific region, as Grand View Research forecasts a CAGR of 8.5% for this region by 2020.

With all this growth, it is imperative for coating technology to evolve to meet the unrelenting demands for quality, efficiency and environmental impact. In concert with the latest advancements in powder coatings, Paint and Coatings Industry magazine, BNP Media and The Powder Coating Research Group have designed an event that celebrates innovation as a path to market expansion, higher profits and a cleaner environment. The PC Summit brings together the greatest minds in the industry’s technical and commercial communities for a two-day event that promises to energize new directions to revive the growth of this exceptional coating technology.

Central to our theme of “Advancing Innovation in Industrial Coatings” is a full-day symposium that features talks on the emerging technologies that are changing our industry. The program boasts raw material technologists, pretreatment experts as well as renowned formulators. Powder coating technology has conquered the obvious targets because of its high quality, ecological benefit and overall economy. The PC Summit opens the door to limitless possibilities in new markets and applications.

This year, prominent speakers from world-renowned organizations will inform attendees of the latest innovations in these key areas:

  • Powder Bell Application Technology,
  • Smart Powder Coatings,
  • Antimicrobial Powders,
  • High-Performance Pigmentation,
  • Powder Coating Defect Characterization and Analysis,
  • Materials and Processes for Heat-Sensitive Substrates,
  • Advancements in Functional Powder Coatings,
  • Innovation in Curing Technology, and
  • The Latest Developments and Applications for UV-Curable Powder Coatings.

In addition to delivering these emerging innovations, a full-day tutorial illuminating the fundamentals of powder coating technology will be available to the coatings professional yearning for a thorough introduction to the intricacies of powder coating science. This action-packed workshop is comprised of a half-day seminar that covers formulating principles, the performance of traditional chemistries, special effects, application science and advanced troubleshooting approaches. The second half of the day involves to a live demonstration of the powder coating manufacturing process from raw material selection, through extrusion, pulverizing, and ultimately application and curing. In addition, instrumentation experts will guide participants on how to measure critical coating properties such as film thickness, gloss, adhesion, surface profile and film performance.

Some of the most valuable technical exchanges occur during the informal conversations that occur during networking breaks and the cocktail/expo reception, held the evening of the first day. This reception includes a tabletop showcase of the key innovators in raw materials, pretreatment chemistry, powder application technology and coating instrumentation.

The success of any seminar is predicated on the confluence of technology providers and the visionaries destined to bring innovation to market. The PC Summit provides the preeminent experts in the powder coating industry at your disposal for two full days of intensive dialogue. The only thing missing is you, the coatings professional. For more information on the PC Summit, or to register, visit