I always enjoy receiving news announcements about companies participating in community outreach programs. Last month, I learned that Valspar donated its fourth mural, painted by local Louisiana artist, KaDavien Baylor, at the Dixie Center for the Arts in Ruston. The murals are part of Valspar’s Be Bright initiative, which aims to inject hope and brightness into selected communities.

Baylor’s work focuses on human transformation, social theories, and encapsulating experience. The artist has strong ties to Ruston and wants the community to be showcased in the new mural along with the town’s historical elements, but also highlight the importance of the arts. In the video below he explains how the history of the theater influenced his design, the mural's different elements, and how he hopes it can influence the community.

I reached out to Sara Hackney, Valspar’s senior marketing manager, to learn more about the history behind the four murals and the Be Bright initiative. She explained that the company developed the campaign as part of the PGA Tour’s Valspar Championship.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we wanted to use our paint in a positive, inspirational way, so Be Bright was developed to work with communities and inspire them to “get back to bright,” Hackney said. “This initiative has since evolved as a way to bring color, liveliness and excitement to communities with murals painted by local artists. This is the fourth mural, and Be Bright has evolved as the pandemic has shifted. The first mural highlighted the things we missed most at the beginning of the pandemic such as going to family events. More recently, the murals have transformed into a fun and inspirational tribute to local communities, with paint,” she added.

All of the Be Bright murals, which are painted by local artists, feature Valspar® Defense™ exterior paint, which incorporates superior water-beading technology to repel water year-round and prevent moisture damage. Hackney noted that the paint also delivers ultra-rich, fade-resistant color, with remarkable hide and coverage, and premium stain-blocking formula. The first three murals were donated in Tampa, Nashville, and Clearwater, Florida.

It's great to see how coatings, and the artists that work with them, can inspire hope and improve the quality of life in our communities!