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    Solving Solvents: The Case for Sliding Vanes

    Multiple industries rely on process pumps for handling a variety of substances, such as solvents. One of the primary obstacles is keeping them contained within the pump and the associated systems. While solvents are not simple substances to process, there is one pump technology capable of handling them seamlessly. This article looks at sliding vane pumps and why they are one of the best-suited process technologies for solvents.
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    The Role of Smart Marine Coatings in Meeting CII Requirements

    As we continue the push towards global decarbonization, the International Maritime Organization’s  GHG strategy is aiming to reduce the carbon intensity of the global fleet by 40% by the year 2030 and is targeting a 70% reduction by 2050. The new era of high-performance marine coatings with superior mechanical properties, and the ability to maintain low roughness and low-skin-friction drag can maintain an optimal CII rating for vessel owners. Ship owners must employ the correct hull maintenance plan for the choice of coating based on vessel routes, trade, and activity.
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    Powder coatings used on wood?

    I have a technical question to ask. I hope you have the answer. I read some non-technical articles mentioning powder coatings used on wood. How is this possible when wood is a non-magnetic material?

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