TORONTO, Ontario - On December 10, 2014, Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) approved an industry-led plan by Product Care Association (Product Care) that will result in increased diversion of paint from Ontario’s landfills and more opportunities for consumers to recycle their used paint and coatings, without the need for municipalities to change existing arrangements with service providers.

“The WDO Board’s decision to approve Product Care’s plan means more places to drop off unwanted or leftover paint and coatings, and more products included in the program,” said Michael Scott, WDO’s CEO. “More paint and coatings will be collected, leading to more recycling and a cleaner environment for all Ontarians.”

The new program will take effect no sooner than June 2015 to allow WDO, Stewardship Ontario, Product Care and municipalities the time needed to transition from the current MHSW Program (Orange Drop) operated by Stewardship Ontario to the new program operated by Product Care. Over the next several months, WDO will lead a municipal transition working group to address any operational details before the plan takes effect.

“I would like to acknowledge the great work Stewardship Ontario has done to collect and recycle used paint over the past six years,” Scott continued. “Stewardship Ontario has consistently exceeded their targets for this program, and WDO has been very pleased with these outstanding results.”

Before making a decision on Product Care’s plan, WDO undertook an 18-month comprehensive evaluation to determine the ISP’s potential effects on the environment, marketplace and stakeholders, including municipalities and consumers. This work included extensive research, discussions with industry experts, and two rounds of public consultations. Product Care also consulted with stakeholders across Ontario, and then revised their proposed plan based on feedback they received during their consultations.

In Canada, Product Care already provides programs to recycle paint in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, and PEI.

“WDO felt it was important to minimize any possible disruption to municipalities,” said Scott. “We are very pleased that the Product Care paint recycling program will use the same service providers, the same collection, transporting and processing standards, and the same procurement methods as the current program operator.”

Additional material will be covered by Product Care’s ISP, including non-pesticide marine coatings and all paints and coatings in aerosol containers. Product Care will also introduce a paint reuse program under which municipalities will be reimbursed for offering their residents free, high-quality paint at local, municipal depots.

As part of its oversight of Product Care’s ISP, WDO will monitor the plan to make sure it meets recycling targets and other requirements outlined in an agreement signed by WDO’s Board and Product Care.