Dampney Co. Inc. is offering high-performance coating for insulated and un-insulated steel and concrete surfaces that resists wet-dry thermal cycling, boiling water and steam.  

The Protexior® Chemical Resistant Epoxy Top Coat & Primer Kit combines a corrosion- and heat-resistant coating up to 450 °F into one high-performance specification that meets both ISO 20340 and ASTM B-117. Featuring Novolac epoxy protection integrated with silicone resin technology, this low-VOC coating protects insulated and un-insulated steel and concrete surfaces.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor CUI applications, the product conforms to ASTM G 85-02 modified salt spray, ASTM D-543 boiling water resistance, the ASTM D-3359 adhesion tape test, and ISO 20340 Annex A Ageing resistance. Applied by roller or spray, typical uses include piping, vessels, valves, ducts and plenums.

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