Rust Bullet LLC, Reno, Nevada, announced the availability of a new low-VOC, rust inhibiting coating called ProPLUS.

“Air Quality Management Districts have been asking for cleaner solutions to reduce pollution and damage to the ozone layer. Most conforming solutions are water-based and low performing. Rust Bullet has invented a one-component, 97 VOC g/l solution, that delivers industry leading performance that is compliant in all 50 states and districts and offers factory-direct pricing at only $89.99 a gallon,” said Mike Moore, CEO, Rust Bullet LLC.

Benefits of the coating include:  outstanding adhesion; excellent resistance to abrasion; long lasting corrosion protection; scratch, chip, chemical and UV resistance; and little to no surface preparation required.  

The coating is available directly from Rust Bullet and at

For more information, call 800/245.1600 or e-mail