The words “vehicle corrosion” usually bring to mind images of rusty cars or trucks driving around in regions with bad winters or marine environments. It is less likely to suggest new or partially assembled trucks and heavy equipment being transported from one location to another, either for further assembly or for delivery to the end user. Yet corrosion protection at this time is just as critical as guarding against everyday consumer vehicle rust — if not more so — because manufacturers face serious problems of rework, returns, or even rust claims if their vehicles do not arrive at their destination in like-new condition. Cortec’s VpCI®-391 removable coating makes it easy to achieve corrosion protection on high-value industrial vehicle assets during transit or storage.

VpCI-391 is a water-based, single component coatings system that can be applied by spray, roll, brush or dip onto painted or unpainted surfaces. It has low VOC, dries quickly and leaves a non-tacky clear film that is virtually unnoticeable. VpCI-391 provides multi-metal corrosion protection in harsh, outdoor, unsheltered applications and offers excellent UV resistance. If desired, VpCI-391 can be tinted to some custom colors. VpCI-391 is easy to remove using alkaline cleaners, if necessary.

Two manufacturers have adopted VpCI-391 as a routine strategy for protecting their new fire trucks and heavy equipment from corrosion during transit or storage. The first manufacturer applies VpCI-391 to fire truck chassis before driving them offsite for further assembly. When the fire trucks are finished, the manufacturer applies VpCI-391 right over the painted finish for protection during transport to the end user. The second manufacturer applies VpCI-391 to numerous corrosion-prone areas — such as keyholes, wheel lug nuts, and points where several different metal parts attach together — on new heavy equipment. The coating provides needed protection while the equipment is shipped or stored outdoors, ensuring it stays in like-new condition without significant changes to vehicle appearance.

Because of its effectiveness and water-based, user-friendly characteristics, VpCI-391 is a welcome alternative to hazardous oil-based products that are more difficult to remove. VpCI-391 fills a critical gap in corrosion protection for new industrial vehicles and equipment that must remain in like-new condition during shipping or storage