International Paint has introduced Intertherm 228HS into North America’s offshore and onshore industrial markets. This next-generation temperature-resistant epoxy phenolic coating offers higher solids and lower VOC’s to provide improved protection to insulated steelwork.

 “One of the many characteristics of Intertherm 228HS is its improved film build tolerance. While optimum performance can be achieved in the typical 8 mil system (2x100µm), the coating will perform equally as well at total film builds up to 12 mils (300µm). This dramatically reduces the risk of cracking from over application when applied to weld areas and equipment with complex geometries,” said Chris McMillan, International Paint’s North American Marketing Manager.

Another distinguishing feature is Intertherm 228HS’s densely crosslinked film, which offers excellent resistance to thermal shock and cyclic and constant temperatures that can range from as high as 446°F (230°C), to those associated with cryogenic environments as low as -320°F (-196°C). This flexibility makes the coating ideal for use in a wide variety of environments and applications.

Plant owners seeking to significantly reduce emissions in the facility, or project, will also appreciate Intertherm 228HS’s high solids (70%), low-VOC (2.21 lb/gal) formulation, because it provides the necessary environmental compliance without compromising product performance and ease-of-use on stainless steel piping, equipment and steelwork.