Kem Aqua® SoPro®, Kem Aqua® Wood Grain and KEM Aqua® Earth Tones exterior siding topcoats provide quality and value in a broad range of colors to professional prefinishers.

KEM Aqua BP Siding Plus is a self cross-linking monochromatic system that provides consistent performance across all substrates, eliminating the need to stock different coatings for each substrate. Production time is saved and color consistency enhanced through one-coat application (seven to nine wet mils), including dark, bold shades that are available in solar-reflective tints. Fast cure times allow fast slip-sheeting and packaging. Enhanced adhesion properties increase durability and reduce on-site installation issues.

KEM Aqua SoPro Topcoat is a 100% acrylic latex finish that provides excellent adhesion to primed fiber cement, composite wood, and hardboard siding and trim. It offers exceptional hiding and color retention. The finish also provides outstanding color matching over typical tint-based systems. SoPro provides an eggshell sheen that is hard, yet flexible, for enhanced durability. The topcoat is available in 145 colors as well as custom-matched colors.

KEM Aqua Wood Grain is a two-part system for fiber cement and composite siding and trim. The basecoat reduces efflorescence and adds protection against UV rays and moisture. The topcoat provides a uniform wood-like finish, accentuating the natural grain patterns of the siding and trim. Six colors are available.

KEM Aqua Earth Tones is a blend of two tones that creates a multi-hued, natural look rather than a flat painted surface. Designed for application on composite and fiber cement siding and trim, it is available in 21 colors.