BARCELONA, Spain - In order to accommodate the increasing demand for its micronized red iron oxides, Nubifer 5000 Series Reds, Nubiola, Barcelona, Spain, has approved an investment to expand production capacity by around 10%. Additionally, the company has increased its production capacity of zinc ferrites, Nubifer K Series, by around 33%, an expansion that went into effect the end of 2014 in response to increased demand for these products.

“Worldwide tensions in the iron oxides supply has translated into an increasing demand for our micronized range, especially for the reds,” said Fabiana Requeijo, Global Iron Oxides Product Manager. “We had to expand our production capacity in order to properly serve our customers, and the recently approved investment will allow us to work in this direction. We expect to have this 10% increase in capacity available in the second half of 2015.”