New raw materials for industrial and decorative coatings are the focus for Worlée-Chemie at Stand 7-534 at this year’s ECS, with products that demonstrate the possibilities of renewable resources.

With an extensive selection of additives, binders and pigments, the northern German company delivers chemical raw materials that are notable for their flexibility and are produced with the most modern production facilities in an environmentally friendly manner. Further, Worlée is featuring numerous products from its business partners.

For the industrial paint field, the company has developed WorléeCryl VP A 2545, a low-viscosity styrene-acrylic resin. In the production of 2K topcoats with high solids content, this product demonstrates a high level of chemical resistance and a very good degree of crosslinking. WorléeCryl VP A 2117 enables formulations of quick-drying, high-solids primers as well as topcoats or single-layer coatings. The new polyester polyols of the WorléeRes E line are for use in can and coil coatings, as well as in high-quality 2K polyurethane coatings.

For decorative coatings, Worlée offers the low-viscosity, air-drying, acrylic alkyd resin WorléeKyd AC 6030 for painters’ varnishes and paints, as well as for industrial paints. Due to its minimal levels of viscosity, this product is suitable to be used both alone and as a combination binder, and it is particularly noteworthy for its high levels of weather and yellowing resistance. When a water-based, cationic acrylate copolymer dispersion for insulating wall paints is required, WorléeCryl 7745 is an option.

 For many years, Worlée has focused on sustainability. With WorléeSol VGT 8709, the company now offers a solvent-free alkyd emulsion. WorléeSol VGT 8709, manufactured with 97-percent renewable raw materials, is particularly suitable for water-dilutable painters’ varnishes and paints, as well as for industrial paints, wall paints and wood varnishes. The alkyl resin WorléeKyd RL 1290 is suitable for the production of 1K and 2K parquet, terrace and care oils with low VOC levels. It consists of 95-percent renewable raw materials.

 Worlée’s partner companies have also introduced new products this year. Co-exhibitor Bruno Bock Thiochemicals has extended its line of polythiol products to include the trifunctional THIOCURE® TEMPIC as well as the tetrafunctional THIOCURE PCL4MP 1350, a polymer polythiol on a polycaprolactone basis. King is presenting tin-free catalysts for siloxane and polyurethane systems, catalysts that work at lower temperatures and can contribute to energy savings as well as modification resins that allow for even thinner coatings. The glycidyl-functional matting hardeners Isocryl EP-540 and Isocryl EP-575 are new from Estron. These products have been specially developed for powder coating finishes with good resistance to outdoor conditions (for formulations with a matte glaze as well as for those with a medium gloss).