Coatex has identified three topics of interest to be introduced through product presentations at Stand 5-333 during the ECS.

Wednesday, April 22 at 9:30, Stand 5-333

Open your Mind to Pseudo Plastic Thickeners

Acrylic pseudo plastic thickeners are used in a variety of applications, from decorative paints to industrials coatings and adhesives and sealants. Their rheological profile provides very good in-can stability and much more. In this study, three different pseudo plastic thickeners were investigated. Their performance was characterized in several applications covering a broad range of conditions in terms of filler and binder content. Major differences were evidenced on formulations obtained from these three thickeners. These differences were measured on gel behavior, drip control of wood stains, color acceptance of wall paints and on the applicability of textured coatings. It was illustrated that the design of the thickener allows the control of independent properties that are usually considered connected.

Wednesday, April 22 at 3:10, Stand 5-333

Water Reduction, a PCE Powder in the Ethacryl™ Portfolio

The use of concrete admixtures is almost systematic in the manufacture of mortar orconcrete. Added in small quantities to the basic components, they can tailor the properties to end-user needs. In the admixtures range, the superplasticizers are generally used to reduce the quantity of mixing water required to produce concrete or mortar, and to increase the fluidity of these formulations. They lead to a reduced water-cement ratio, reduced cement content or increased slump. If the water-cement ratio is reduced, an increase in compressive strength is generally obtained. COATEX develops, produces and markets a water-based polycarboxylates ether (PCE) range under the Ethacryl™ portfolio. To meet the demand in the drymix mortar formulations, the company has developed Ethacryl™ DM, a specific powder PCE.

Thursday, April 23 at 3:10, Stand 5-333

Hydrophobic Dispersant for Wider Application Fields and Higher Paint Performance 

A uniquely designed hydrophobic dispersant can help achieve a wide variety of water-based formulations and increase their level of performance in many areas. It is able to improve the scrub resistance of most high-PVC paints, while ensuring a better early rain resistance to waterproofing coatings and a better color acceptance to semigloss paints. Its versatility enables the formulation of high-gloss emulsion paints and quality pigment pastes incorporating either mineral or organic pigments.