Michelman hosted four product showcase presentations during the ECS. The wide-ranging presentations covered numerous critical topics.

Dr. Julien Verron, Industry Manager, Coatings Group at Michelman, presented details on a novel waterborne direct-to-metal coating resin that exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, good gloss and hardness. As performance levels of waterborne coatings improve, they continue to gain popularity as an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based coatings.

Martha Meyer, Technology Group Leader for Michelman’s Coatings Group, focused her presentation on high-performance decorative paints. Michelman has particular expertise in the development of technically innovative and environmentally sustainable binders and additives used in architectural and decorative paints. Meyer’s presentation demonstrated how Michelman helps its customers economically meet emission targets by reducing solvents, coalescing agents and plasticizer needs, at high pigment volume concentration, while maintaining good hiding power, and without compromising wet scrub resistance. Additionally, Meyer discussed specialty binders that are used as high-performance barriers on mineral and wood substrates, protecting against stains, general household chemicals, nicotine and wood tannins.

Dr. Volker Erb, Business Development Manager, Coatings Group at Michelman, discussed quick turn-around aqueous polyurethane dispersions for wood floor coatings. Dr. Erb explained the benefits of Michelman’s newest waterborne polyurethane dispersions formulated for high-end wood coating finishes that require maximum durability, chemical and abrasion resistance, hardness and fast drying ability.

Dr. Bénédicte Legros, Senior Research Chemist at Michelman’s Coatings Group, discussed the company’s ability to provide full customer solutions with both waterborne surface modifiers and binders. Dr. Legros detailed specifically how Michelman wax dispersions improve coating properties such as water beading, water resistance, antiblocking, scratch and abrasion resistance as well as matting and antislip behavior, while meeting emission requirements.

Michelman is exhibiting at Stand 1-330.