Sandvik Process Systems (Stand 5-426)has signed an exclusive agreement with Italian extruder machinery manufacturer Extruwork Srl that will enable the company to offer integrated powder paint production lines. Sandvik is a leading supplier of steel belt-based cooling systems, and its equipment is widely used in the production of powder coating. The deal with Extruwork Srl sees Sandvik’s capabilities extended to encompass everything from feeding and extrusion equipment to cooling and downstream handling systems.

“This is a logical move for both companies,” explains Cherryleen Garcia-Lindgren, Global Product Manager, Chemicals. “Combining Extruwork’s twin-screw extruder systems with Sandvik’s cooling and flaking systems allows us to offer a one-stop solution to customers, one that also benefits from Sandvik’s global reach and service network.”

Sandvik is using the European Coatings Show to showcase the productivity benefits of its integrated production lines. The ranges include twin screw extruders with capacities from 60-2,000 kg/h, all featuring a split barrel design that allows easy access for fast color changes or cleaning operations, with minimal production loss.

 The company’s flaking systems are available in two forms: steel belt-based cooling conveyors with throughput capacities from 250-2,000 kg/h, and plastic belt chill rolls capable of handling 60-1300 kg/h. The steel belt delivers significant advantages in terms of durability and ease of cleaning, while the plastic belt allows the design of more compact systems for installations where space is at a premium and when the product to be processed is fast curing.