Nuplex Resins NL won the prestigious European Coatings Award sponsored by the European Coatings Journal (ECJ). The paper, written by Dr. Fred van Wijk and his team, is titled New, Ultra-Fast Drying, Low-VOC, Isocyanate-Free Technology for 2K Coating Systems. The award was presented by Dr. Sonja Schulte, Editor-in-Chief of the ECJ. She noted that the paper won based on its innovation, scientific background and high relevance to the coatings industry.

Two-component urethane topcoats are well established in coatings applications. There is a need, however, for systems with increased productivity coupled with environmental, health and safety friendliness. This paper outlines the launch of a new, low-VOC, isocyanate- and tin-free, breakthrough technology that meets these needs. The system is built on a novel blocked catalyst and kinetic control additive package used in conjunction with Michael Addition chemistry. Prototype paint formulae highlight the low VOC capability (<250 g/L) of this very fast drying 2K system (<15 minutes, ambient) and the unique de-coupling of dry time and potlife (>5 hours), expected to trigger new paint and process solutions. The chemistry of the system and comparative results versus other topcoats are presented. The results show that the system has significant potential to displace existing two component topcoats in marine and protective and industrial OEM market applications, without compromise.