CLEVELAND – Sherwin-Williams announced that the company holds the sole U.S. spray license for Arkema Inc.’s Kynar 500® FSF® PVDF resin, a primary component of Sherwin-Williams SHER-NAR® 5000 superior performance architectural baking enamel. To hold a FSF (fluorosurfactant free) license, a manufacturer must use 100 percent Kynar 500 FSF PVDF resin in its architectural coatings product.

SHER-NAR 5000 is a dispersion coating that provides optimal performance for metal windows, doors, building trim and exterior building components requiring superior weather resistance. Providing an environmentally responsible solution, it employs Kynar 500 FSF PVDF as its base resin to guard against chalking, pitting, chipping and premature aging and provide long-life protection for color and gloss.

“Architects worldwide specify coatings with Kynar 500 FSF PVDF resin to meet the stringent AAMA 2605-13 specifications and provide long-lasting performance in a variety of weather conditions,” said Bob Cregg, Industry Director, Building Products, Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division. “At Sherwin-Williams, our products are designed to continually deliver superior performance and ensure customer satisfaction. For our SHER-NAR 5000 fluorosurfactant-free architectural coating that is accomplished by using 100 percent Kynar 500 FSF PVDF resin; we do not mix other PVDF resin sources with Kynar resin.”