AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – AkzoNobel has launched a digital system that allows body shops to precisely measure and match the existing color on any area of a vehicle.

The advanced system consists of two key elements: Automatchic Vision – the latest generation of AkzoNobel's hand-held device that digitally analyzes color –  and Automatchic Smart Search – color retrieval software that provides the optimum matching color formula.

"Quite simply, we are revolutionizing color matching in the bodyshop," explained Henri Bijsterbosch, Global Manager Digital Color at AkzoNobel's Vehicle Refinishes business. "The compact, hand-held Automatchic Vision device uses the latest digital technology to guarantee precise, reliable measurements of color, including curved parts of a vehicle that are traditionally difficult to read."

The system is also intuitive and easy to operate, so that only minimal training is needed to achieve accurate measurements quickly. Color readings obtained using Automatchic Vision easily translated into the best matching color formula by the Smart Search software.