Visitors to Booth 208 can learn more about the colorants that underline Chromaflo’s integrated approach. With more than 80 years of industry experience in colorant systems and chemical pigment dispersions, the Chromaflo family of brands includes more than 200 product lines and 7,000 products.

In-Plant Tinting

Lack of color accuracy, excess waste and inefficiency are common issues associated with self-grinding of paint pigments. In-plant tinting systems enable manufacturers to react faster to market needs and reduce waste. Coatings orders can be delivered within a very short time, and surplus production is eliminated. Results are reliable and repeatable and do not require testing of batches or cleaning of vessels between paint orders. In-plant tinting is generally a much lower-cost process than direct milling of dry pigment, and it offers an extremely wide color range. Chromaflo Technologies is featuring its comprehensive portfolio of architectural and industrial colorants for POS and in-plant tinting.

Ultra Low-VOC

Chromaflo has designed its UCD VXS colorants for use in low-VOC, solvent-based industrial coatings. The colorants contain many of the same components found in the UCD V line, but are formulated with only VOC-exempt solvents. The extremely low VOC levels give the coatings formulator the ability to meet more challenging VOC regulations while maintaining superb color performance with minimal effects on coating properties. The colorants are designed for in-plant and dispenser tinting. The colorants can also be used to tint existing in-house bases as well as for full pigmentation of clear bases.

VOC Methods and Requirements

Chromaflo is excited to have Jeremy Powers, the company’s Technology Manager Coatings, Americas, presenting on VOC Methods and Requirements for Architectural Coatings Around the Globe today at 4:20. Jeremy will touch on VOC regulations and test methods per continent and discuss how formulators can ensure global compliance.

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