Chromaflo Technologies is displaying its comprehensive portfolio of architectural and industrial colorants for POS and in-plant tinting at Stand 7-167. This includes Colortrend® architectural colorants, Chroma-Chem® industrial colorants, solar-reflective colorants within the Novapint™ D and Monicolor™ C ranges, and the Hydrasperse™ EU and Solvasperse™ AK in-plant options.

Colorants need to provide color reproducibility, smooth functionality and technical stability, while having no effect on the properties of the final coating. Chromaflo Technologies offers this through their extended Chroma-Chem industrial portfolio. This includes solvent-free product lines for special applications that are compatible with a range of different resin types, including polyurethane, polyaspartic, epoxy and acrylic, while having no impact on paint performance.

Novapint D colorants are developed for water-based façade paints and plasters, while the universal Monicolor C range is developed for architectural applications including solvent-based paints. Both ranges offer an intelligent combination of conventional colorants that have excellent solar heat-reflection properties, and an innovative black colorant to replace carbon black or iron oxide black. These unique ranges of colorants enable the formulation of dark colors that achieve less heat absorption compared to conventional colorants.

The company’s in-plant portfolio includes Hydrasperse EU for water-based applications and Solvasperse AK for solvent-based applications. Designed for in-plant production use, their high color strength and batch-to-batch consistency provides a good base for reproducible and economical colors. The colorant ranges are designed to ensure a good price/performance balance with a number of economical colorants for a lower overall tint cost.

The Next Step in Tinting Data Analysis

The Innovatint Tinting Management Centre is a new tool that can be used in conjunction with Chromaflo’s existing Innovatint software. “Through this tool, personalized tinting statistics can be accessed through an internet connection with a tablet, laptop or mobile phone,” says Alain De Haes, Product Manager of Innovatint. It’s also possible to control the tinting machine with a tablet, allowing formulations to be tinted remotely. Chromaflo can assist in cross referencing this data with other information, for instance, demographics. An additional module monitors the tinting machine and notifies the user if an error occurs, while storing maintenance history.

An Innovative Packaging Option

Paint companies actively seek methods to decrease costs while making the right choice for the environment. Chromaflo Technologies has considered this with the introduction of pouch packaging for colorants. Compared to standard colorant packaging, the pouch results in less waste in terms of colorant residue and a lower volume of packaging waste. According to Jeroen Hofman, Director of Product Management and Marketing, the pouch is the future of colorant packaging, “The pouch has a lower CO2 footprint and increased user friendliness, which is why we see it as an innovative and sustainable choice.”

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