Elementis Specialties (Booth 122) is highlighting its high-value functional additives to many markets including architectural and industrial coatings, and for adhesives, inks and construction applications. These additives improve the performance of products and production processes. Recent innovative developments include:

RHEOLATE® CVS 15 - the newest member to the Elementis family of highly efficient next-generation NiSATs. An exceptional KU builder that imparts improved viscosity retention on tinting.

RHEOLATE HX 6050 - an extension to the company’s extremely high efficient range as a non-ionic synthetic associative thickener (NiSAT), which provides high shear (ICI) build for VAE and Vina/Veova latexes. This new additive can also be used in low- and zero-VOC waterborne paints, inks, textile coatings, adhesives and sealants.

NUOSPERSE® FX 665 - a new hydrophobic co-polymer dispersant to compliment the company’s dispersant tool box. Nuosperse FX 665 is a highly efficient dispersant that imparts superior color properties with outstanding water resistant properties. It has excellent compatibility with most binder systems and RHEOLATE thickeners.

NUOSPERSE FX 631 - a new high-performance, general-use co-polymer dispersant for coatings and inorganic pigment dispersions. Good compatibility with NiSATs. Excellent application and color properties.