At Booth 117, Brenntag has technical representatives available who can provide solutions to challenging problems.  Brenntag offers a complete line of basic industrial and specialty chemicals into all coatings areas, as well as knowledge, experience and manufacturing partners to help.  The chemists in the ACES Applications Laboratory in North Wales, PA, are available to customers when needed for formulation assistance. 

At the show Brenntag Specialties is featuring raw materials from these new or expanded vendor relationships:

  • Addivant-UV absorbers and antioxidants to improve the long-term weatherability and performance of coatings.
  • PMC Oganometallix-Fascat tin catalysts for crosslinking requirements.
  • Tyzor Titanates-Improve adhesion and dispersion by bonding inorganic fillers with coating resins.
  • Wacker-Silres 32A is a silicone emulsion water repellent and stone enhancer that meets VOC limits for architectural coatings use. Silres 33A is also a water-based emulsion with very low VOC limits that is used as a water and stain repellent. Silres MSE 100, a unique high-heat silicone resin that can cure at room temperature.