FRANKFURT, Germany - The HCS Group, a leading global manufacturer of hydrocarbon-based and specialty chemical products, is unifying its brand identity. The existing Haltermann and Petrochem Carless brands will now supply worldwide customers with products and services under the Haltermann Carless brand.

Simultaneously, to mark the launch of the new brand offering, the group’s entire corporate design and corporate identity have also been revised.

The new brand identity is a logical step as part of the company’s ongoing growth strategy. The two traditional Haltermann and Petrochem Carless brands have existed under the umbrella of the HCS Group since 2013. The French fuel specialist ETSP has also been part of the corporate family since 2014.

“With our consistent brand image, we are creating the conditions for our global growth. We are setting ourselves more clearly apart from our competitors and are simplifying the brands’ communication in their respective markets. The integrated approach enables our clients to simultaneously benefit from the group’s global orientation and localized products while gaining products and services from a single brand source,” explained Uwe Nickel, CEO of the HCS Group.

As part of the new brand identity, the HCS Group now has its own claim for the first time, which outlines the shared values that make the company so successful. “Our new claim, Passion Pragmatism Partnership, describes what we stand for in a nutshell and raises our profile as a strong medium-sized enterprise,” explains Henrik Kru?pper, Chief Sales Officer and responsible for marketing and sales in the group.