AYLESBURY, UK – Riley Surface World has recently won an order for the supply of pre-owned nickel plating, anodizing, cleaning and water treatment plants from a specialist metal finishing company in Mexico.

The equipment had all been declared surplus by a large international provider of safety products to the nuclear power generation sector. Riley Surface World was selected to dispose of the plants due to its knowledge of the global surface finishing industry. The various items have now been shipped from their original home in Birmingham, UK to their new location in Toluca, near Mexico City.

The new owner is Ecoplating SA, part of a group of eight companies that comprises the largest metal finishing organization in Mexico. The organization has a workforce of 1550 employees, and two of the companies have joint ventures in the United States and Germany. Its services include nickel, copper, zinc, chrome, tin and precious metal plating, passivation, phosphating and other ancillary activities.

The equipment supplied by Riley Surface World comprised an 8-stage nickel plating line with two rectifiers, four modern 4-stage anodizing lines with rectifiers, fume extraction and product suspension, two cleaning lines including transporters and drying ovens, and a 5m3 demineralized water generation plant.

All of the machinery is in good condition and can be easily re-configured for other process finishing and cleaning applications.