WAUSAU, WI – Scott Platta celebrated his retirement following a 40-year career that includes founding Linetec in 1983 and serving as its first president. Platta’s vision and leadership helped the company become one of the nation’s largest independent architectural finishers, providing paint and anodize finishing services for such products as windows, curtainwall, entrances, hardware and other components.

“I started my career as a part-time kid, low man on the ladder, and worked my way up to President. I was always given the opportunity to improve and advance in the company. Mistakes were tolerated as long as you were focused and your heart was going in the right direction,” Platta remembers. “I feel very fortunate to have worked for a very competent group of managers and associates. Linetec and Apogee Wausau Group is world-class and a wonderful company to have spent my career.”

When Platta became President, he oversaw 20 employees and a new aluminum-coating facility in Wausau, WI. Supported with the financial stability of parent company, Apogee Enterprises Inc., he helped grow Linetec’s business to the 450 plus employees of today. Platta and Linetec’s team achieved this success by helping manufacturers meet architects’ increasing demand for aluminum windows in a wider variety of colorful, durable finishes.