PITTSBURGH - A webinar presented by Paul Vinik of the Florida DOT, “Weathering of High-Performance Coatings on Florida Bridges,” is taking place Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. to noon, EDT.

The State of Florida spends millions of dollars each year to mitigate corrosion and paint bridge structures. Because of tourism’s importance to the state’s economy, it is important to maintain these structures in a condition that is pleasing to the eye. Meanwhile, the constant sunlight and southern latitude produce a severe environmental effect on polymeric resins. Consequently, many bridges are painted purely for aesthetic purposes. The Florida Department of Transportation has been evaluating the ability of high-performance coating systems to resist color and gloss degradation. This webinar will present the results of this study, which focuses on aesthetics, not corrosion resistance. The study, at the department’s environmental test facility in Marathon, FL, has used test panels exposed to xenon arc radiation and outdoor exposure. The evaluation has included several high-profile bridges, including the Sunshine Skyway in St. Petersburg and the Hart in Jacksonville. Multiple coating systems and colors were evaluated. Color and gloss data will be presented for coating systems incorporating fluorourethane and clear coatings with UV inhibitors for finish coats. Participants will be eligible to receive credit from SSPC.

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