AKRON, Ohio - In a move that will incorporate new nanotechnologies into staid manufacturing methods, three leading companies in the field of nanomaterial development and commercialization are collaborating to deliver polymer nanocomposite coatings, which will combine the benefits of organic polymers and advanced inorganic materials to improve material performance while driving manufacturing efficiencies. Ecology Coatings, Inc., Akron, Ohio, a provider of nano-engineered UV-curable coatings; NanoDynamics™, Inc., Buffalo, N.Y., a leading manufacturer of superior nanomaterials; and its subsidiary, MetaMateria Partners, Columbus, Ohio, a developer of nanomaterial synthesis technology, are partnering to develop a new breed of multifunctional coatings.

Designed to exhibit a new set of protective and aesthetic characteristics, the product of this collaboration will consist of a hybrid of organic polymers and inorganic nanomaterials, enabling a superior combination of properties that cannot be achieved by using any single uniform material. This new technology will combine the flexibility and usability of organic polymers with the durability and chemical stability of inorganic materials to create high-performance coatings that are easily incorporated into the traditional manufacturing process.

"The automotive and metals industries have responded quite favorably to our current line of UV-curable nano-engineered coatings, and this partnership solidifies our ability to continue providing new liquid nanotechnologies that offer real value to the manufacturing industry," said Rich Stromback, CEO of Ecology Coatings.

The anticipated high-performance composites will be based on Ecology Coatings' proprietary 100% solids coating technology, which requires only UV light to dry and reduces the finishing process from 20 minutes to three seconds. This non-polluting process reduces manufacturing line space by 80%, cuts energy consumption by 75% and dramatically decreases EPA reporting, generating a significant value-add for manufacturing companies around the world.

For more information about the companies, visit their websites: www.ecologycoatings.com, www.nanodynam ics.com and www.metamateria.com.