GALENA, KS - Evonik Jayhawk Fine Chemicals Corp. and Nexam Chemical AB have begun a joint marketing program whereby Evonik's JAYHAWK dianhydrides and Nexam Chemical's NEXIMID® crosslinkers will be offered in a coordinated effort to the growing polyimide market sector. Evonik and Nexam Chemical will collaborate on modifying and improving polyimide processing, while offering physical and mechanical property enhancements. Customers will benefit from consultation in product selection, pairing and optimal dosing to achieve desired properties of their polyimide coatings, films, fibers, foams and resins.

Dr. Jeff Dimmit, VP Technology for Evonik Jayhawk, commented, "Our first collaboration was the Empowering Polyimides webinar, narrated by Dr. Carlos Solano, Product Manager for Nexam Chemical. The participation and lively Q&A period frankly overwhelmed us. This positive proof that the industry is thirsty for knowledge on how to use our products together has led us to move into a market collaboration."