WAALWIJK, The Netherlands - Chemical company Stahl has entered into a joint venture with OEM NuTech, an innovator in powder coatings for heat-sensitive materials. Like Stahl, Australian company OEM NuTech has a strong focus on sustainability. With their environmentally friendly powder coatings, the companies expect to make a substantial contribution to the increasing demand for organic and eco-friendly materials for interiors and architectural applications. Stahl will use the partnership to expand its coatings offering, strengthening its market position as a coatings specialist.

“An increasing number of people want to surround themselves with pure, natural and sustainable products at home and at work,” said Huub van Beijeren, Stahl CEO. “We expect to meet this demand via the joint venture with OEM NuTech. By combining our knowledge and experience of VOC-free materials, we are together promoting eco-friendly coatings that are functional and durable.”

Stahl and OEM NuTech have been working together over the last 12 months and have created a unique system for the development of high-quality and eco-friendly powder coatings. On July 1, the partnership was formalized by means of a joint venture.