ASHTABULA, OH – Chromaflo Technologies is launching a new content information-sharing program. In addition to its quarterly newsletter, the company now has an information sharing blog on its website designed to be a resource for customers, the press and the business community. Each posted article contains original content that is relevant to the pigment dispersion market. Chromaflo’s technical and market experience provides a great source of practical information and recommendations to be shared in these blog posts.

In order to make the informational posts even more accessible to its customers, Chromaflo will publish links to the blog posts on its social media pages, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

The topics will fall into one of the following pigment dispersion categories: Architectural Colorants, Industrial Colorants, Thermoset Colorants and Corporate News.

Some topics already posted on the site are the thermoset-oriented “The Perfect Match; 5 custom color matching best practices for urethane applications” and the industrial-themed “Consider the Source: How to source the right colorants for industrial paints and coatings.”

Another new way Chromaflo is reaching out to customers and sharing information is via YouTube. Chromaflo has produced the first in a series of upcoming technology-based videos that will be available on this site. The first video, on Infrared Reflective Colorants, has been up for only a month and has already had over 500 views.