The next generation of hybrid silicone urethane coatings, Relcasil™ coatings offer premium weatherstrip performance in a sustainable way. As a result of dedicated research, the RelcaSil weatherstrip range has been developed in close cooperation with partners and customers in order to meet market demands, resulting in luxurious haptics, low gloss and excellent noise performance.

"As a leading company in process chemicals for leather, coatings and other substrates for the automotive industry, we know what counts for car manufacturers. Our new Center of Excellence for Automotive is equipped with state-of-the-art testing and pilot equipment for elastomer coatings. Emphasizing recent industry trends and addressing technical challenges, our automotive elastomer coatings feature the most technically advanced polymers in the world. In-house polymer development has allowed our formulators to utilize the latest advancements in resin technology to develop RelcaSil, coatings with unrivaled haptics, low gloss and superior noise performance," said Mel Micham, Global Market Manager Automotive Elastomer & Plastic Coatings at Stahl.

RelcaSil products do not contain any toxic classified substances and offer the leading performance OEMs are used to. The latest RelcaSil additions are water based, NMP free, NEP free and single component. Utilizing next-generation silicone technology, RelcaSil offers versatile coating solutions with best-in-class noise characteristics and soft touch.

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