GAINESVILLE, TX – IFS Coatings has launched IFS PureClad®, a range of sustainable, low-temperature powder coatings for non-metal substrates.

Fast, low cure, smooth, durable and sustainable, PureClad powders deliver a stronger, safer, better finish for alternate substrates like wood, MDF and fiberglass. This new technology cures in only three minutes at 265 °F, delivering exceptional flow, flexibility and performance properties.

Chris Reding, IFS Coatings Director Alternate Substrates, explained, “Extensive R&D investment in materials technology, along with recent advances in application and cure systems, have yielded robust solutions to past challenges associated with heat-sensitive substrates. IFS PureClad makes powder an extremely exciting and accessible finishing proposition beyond metal.”

As well as world-class technical performance, the PureClad range includes a myriad of options for customization, including finishes with anti-microbial properties, outdoor durability, smooth and textured effects, all in a virtually unlimited range of colors.

PureClad powder coatings are also 100% VOC free and deliver substantial benefits to both manufacturers and coaters. Reding continueed, “The entire process of coating and curing can be completed quickly – typically, within 7-10 minutes for single layer finishes – and the powders are easy to apply with excellent flow properties to deliver consistent, beautiful finishes. This fast, low-temperature-cure process not only means improvements to throughput, but also a relatively small footprint for the coating line due to the shorter oven lengths needed.”