IFS Coatings recently introduced IFS PureClad™ Primers, a range of powder primers for non-metal substrates like hardwoods, MDF and other engineered wood substrates. Designed to be easily applied and easy to sand, PureClad primers allow wood fabricators and coaters the freedom to achieve the finish they want in a quick, sustainable and effective way.

Electrostatically applied PureClad primers are effortlessly built into the overall coating process, are quick to apply and cure, are easy to sand with existing sanding equipment and have great recoat characteristics. The also deliver a tough, highly water-resistant primed surface, and MDF edges are sealed in one coat. PureClad primers are available in various colors to coordinate with the topcoat application.

Glynn Mason, IFS President, said, “As the demand for sustainable finishes grows, the primers are a great addition to our PureClad powder range. Fabricators and coaters can choose a single coat finish with PureClad FFT or a PureClad primer plus top-coat solution, depending on the end use and desired final look. What makes them even more attractive is the process adds only a few minutes to the overall coating process, ensuring they’re a cost effective and efficient option when compared with multiple layers of coating and sanding required by other finishes, which can take several hours.”

IFS PureClad primers also benefit from an excellent environmental footprint, with among other things, no VOCs, a great carbon footprint, and the ability to reclaim and reuse, which helps reduce waste.

Learn more at www.ifscoatings.com.